Circle ITC Students Result System


student result systemCircle ITC Students Result Management System is a result checking system.

Basically, It was developed for managing students result online.So, this plugin is suitable for educational site, such as school, college, university etc.


  • Subject wise result adding facility.
  • Certificate adding facility.
  • Unlimited subject, class, year, group and section.
  • Result adding facility from CSV file.
  • Result export (backup) facility to CSV file.
  • Advanced result search form.
  • Three different result search form.
  • Responsive and customizable custom page template.
  • Result print facility.
  • Certificate view and download facility.
  • Plugin’s own update engine.
  • Translation support.
  • Shortcode system.
  • Setting panel and many more.

By default it has 10 subject group with 80 subjects.But you can create unlimited subject, class, year, group and section.

Adding, publishing and editing a result is very easy task.It has class, year, group and section wise result filtering system in all result listed page. So that,you will find specific class’s result very easily and can publish or draft them in one click.

This plugin offers a shortcode for adding ajax powered advanced result search form in page or post. It also offer a nice looking custom page template which is responsive.You can print result from there.

We’ve finished our csv importer development.It’s also ajax powered.From now you can use our own csv importer.

This plugin’s has a settings panel with five setting tab for necessary settings. From there you can change default subject and subject group name. Can customize custom page template.Can hide unnecessary fields. Can validate any input field by simply checking specific field name.

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